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تاريخ التسجيل : 07/09/2007

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Dear all my friends,

there is Tokiva account has been activated. Now you can use Tokiva to make
international calls and save a bundle:

On the web: point your web browser to http://www.tokiva.com
On the phone: point to wap browser to http://wap.tokiva.com

More advanced features can be accessed via Tokiva Mobile, a mobile
application that can be downloaded and installed on your phone by pointing
your phone's wap browser to http://www.tokiva.com/download.php

Tokiva is in beta release, we would love to hear your feedback to make
it a better product, please contact us at info@tokiva.com if you have
any suggestions.

P.S., your Tokiva referral code is 968053, remember to give this code
to your friends if you would like to invite them to join Tokiva, you
will receive 15 free Tokiva credits for each invited friend who signs up.
To make things easier, you can just forward the link

https://www.tokiva.com/signup.php?refercode=968053 to your friends.


Web: www.geocities.com/DrH_Nabil
Email: ezmasr@yahoo.com
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